Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Blooms

the wild flower stalks
stood stiffly tall
covered with seed heads
and brittle brown leaves.

snow blossoms hang heavy
on stems that bow
and touch the earth,
weighed down by purity.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Is For Apple

Each year, early in autumn,
my mother placed newspapers
on top of the great mirrored wardrobes.
Then, like squirrels, we put aside
our winter supply in the cool upstairs
of the big old house.
Newspapers, apples, newspapers, apples,
in single layers, each apple wrapped
in its own square of newspaper,
so that no apple skin should touch another.

On Christmas morning, in the toe of my stocking
(mother's brown lisle,
with darned holes and mended ladders),
the cool hard roundness of an apple
greeted my outstretched grasp.
I rubbed the fruit against my cheek, breathed its scent
and bit into its juicy crispness with delight.
Awake early as we were, and admonished not to rouse
the adults, I satisfied my hunger,
until my brother blew impatient reveille on his new bugle.

The sound could have woken the dead, and did.
Grumbling parents and visiting aunts got up,
releasing us from our cold rooms and promises of silence.
I bundled my toys back in my stocking,
and took the sticky apple core and brown pips
to the rubbish bin (do not swallow the pips
or an apple tree will grow inside you).
Christmas day wended its way
through the wonders of stuffed goose and plum pudding,
banging crackers and paper hats,
and presents under the candle-lit tree.

The sweet smell of an apple,
fifty years later,
has the power to recall
these childhood memories
of a Christmas in Wales.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wholeness Within

So many voices speak within—
Heart, mind, ego,
Imagination, conscience, soul.
Each one has a place,
Each one must have
Its chance to speak.

Listening to and hearing
Each voice that speaks
Is the key to harmony within.
If all would speak at once
Chaos is a sure result—
Nothing is accomplished,
Nothing is achieved.

Quiet place and time are needed,
To let each part speak,
Each part listen and
Hear the others’ point of view;
Allowing them to integrate
In one harmonious whole.

Inner song in glorious harmony,
Strength, and beauty
Comes from such a place
And time as this.
Slow down and stare awhile;
Slow down and listen;
Then sing your song.

© Judith Lawrence

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Life held in seed so small
Becomes what it is meant to be.
Giant oak from acorn grows;
A fish from seed of roe.

Each seed produces its own kind,
Though not all seeds beget a life;
Chance and circumstance roll the dice
Of every life’s becoming.

© Judith Lawrence