Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This poem was born while reading one of May Sarton’s Journals where she refers to the taproot within herself.

Taproot, descending from the essence of my being,
Grow strong, grow straight, deep down
Into the Ground of my existence,
Into the Godhead, the Trinity;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Nourish my soul, my being, with love and strength.

© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Syllable of Soul-light

This poem was written on a line from a poem by Lalla—
a 14th century Indian Mystic

Syllable of soul-light
Enter me
Fill me
Overflow me.

One tiny morsel
Is enough;
One pin-point
Glow expands, reflects,
Overflows my banks.

I long for this
One-toned Syllable;
I’m filled with this
One-toned Syllable;

I become this
One-toned Syllable;
I’m filled with light;
I’m radiating light;

I’m surrounded by
The one-toned
Syllable of soul-light.

© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Haiku Offerings

1. God Delights in Morning

Hear flute’s melody
God delights in morning Lauds
Hidden hermit thrush.

2. No Thorns

Maltese cross flowers
Blood red petals ring glory
Christ crowned without thorns.

3. Light

Last night sliver moon
Lay on its back, its only
Light its own being.

© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Like Lotus Petals

As all creation unfolds
Energy explodes in prayer.

The butterfly emerging
From the chrysalis
Opens its wings and
Flies aloft in prayer.

Bulbs’ leaves push through
The lately snow-covered
Ground and petals
Open in flowers of
Crocus, daffodil,
Lily and hyacinth.

Baby birds emerge from
Eggs and fledge from
Nests in a matter of days.
Young wild animals
Mature in a matter of months.

They write creation
On the forest floor
Flora and fauna alike
Unfold in cosmic prayer.

Humans, evolving into
Spiritual beings, unfold
Slowly and steadily,
Their souls open to
God like lotus petals
In the morning sun.