Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall to Winter

Gone are the tall trees’ leaves now,
Brown are the ferns’ fronds,
Touched by fall’s first frost now,
And a wave of winter’s wand.

© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Becoming Myself

Born into the world
From my mother’s womb,
Though newborn
I was totally myself.

Through my early years
I learned to cover up
A large part of my being.

Hiding behind the hand
I covered and shielded myself;
Learning to live
A life of make-believe.

Now I am discovering
Who I am called to be,
The one who is becoming
Totally myself.

Mature in spirit and emotion,
With no apology
For being totally me;
Totally one with you
Who created me to be
Totally myself.

© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ideas, like seeds,
Fall on the mind’s
Rich soil.

Ideas, like seeds,
Put down roots,
Words spring forth.

Ideas can grow,
To become a poem,
A story, a novel,

A speech,
If you nurture them.
It’s up to you.

Will you water them,
Nourish them,
Give them light and air—
Room to grow?

Or will you let them
Lie on dry ground
Dying from neglect?
It’s up to you.

© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Passion is the
Life of Love;
Passion is the
Heart of Suffering.

Neglect not Love,
Leaving Passion
On the ground;
Refuse not Suffering,
Allowing Passion
To wither away.

Run not from Passion,
Leaving it far behind,
Dying of thirst;
Let not Passion lie
On the dusty roadside,
Sorrowing from neglect.

Take up Love of Life
See Passion flame
And burn up hate.
When Suffering comes,
Take it on,
Let Passion overpower it
From within.

Passion is the
Love of Life;
Passion is the
Suffering of the Heart.

© Judith Lawrence