Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dandelion Clocks

Imagination soars on wings of dragonflies
To other countries, other times.
My mouth takes in deep breaths and
Tells the hours on dandelion clocks.

I harness myself to a seed parachute
And lazy seconds drift by on air currents.
I land beside yellow violets and
White flower-promises of wild strawberries.

I sate myself with innocent moments
Of childhood home and yesteryear memories.
Then mystical chariot of winged dragonflies
Transports my satisfied soul to the now.

(The photo is of Judith at a young age with her mother in her home town of Brecon, Wales.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trapped in Dawn’s Hour

Morning dawns with darkened sky,
Rain teems down.
Bound in dreams, at edge of night,
I cannot wake from sleep.

Visions unfold and I would follow
Along their paths.
I’m caught up in their web, nor would I
Escape from their enchanted spell.

Voices call for me to come and do my share
Of morning chores;
Echoed words confuse and trap the call
In misted dreams.

Second and minute hands intertwine
Weaving and circling in time.
Is it minutes or hours I’ve lingered here?
Am I trapped in this dream
Or a willing participant?

© Judith Lawrence June 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This photo shows a mixture of white daisies, sweet william and lilies. Perhaps the young girl's beau was named William.

White-petaled blooms
Stand tall, stiff-stalked.
They hold the secrets
Of a young girl’s future.

They serve to make a daisy chain
For the cherished,
A crown for the maiden’s head,
And to answer the question:
Does he love me yet?

He loves me;
He loves me not, she chants,
And strews white petals in a circle
All around her on the ground.

And when the answer is not to her liking,
She plucks another flower,
And another,
Repeating her question
Until the answer is right.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Milkweed Blossoms

Air, perfumed by the scent of milkweed blossoms, fills the morning space where I meet my God. I have no need of incense to lift my prayers today; nature gathers them in her arms and offers them up to him who has created all things; the circle is complete: Creator and created join together in a bond that cannot be broken. They belong with one another; they long to be with one another; being with one another is their desire and joy.
© Judith Lawrence