Saturday, November 20, 2010


Sophia (Wisdom) dwells within me at my core; breath beats in my breast like a rhythmed drum. Radiant, in my deepest place, Sophia gleams with steady light from the ancient day. Down through the ages Sophia shines forth—Wisdom that is from Creation’s time dwells within me. Fire waiting to be kindled glows in hot coals; Sophia breathes her breath upon them; flames flare within my soul; creation, like a phoenix, rises up with beating wings, drums new life into being, bursting forth upon the world.

© Judith Lawrence Prose Poem

“I, Wisdom, was at [the Lord’s] side each day, his darling and delight, playing in his presence continually, playing on the earth, when he had finished it, while my delight was in humankind.” Proverbs 8 : 30, 31. The New English Bible translation.